Episode three
Karen + Nick: Imposter Syndrome and Facing The Unknown

Defiantly inclusive skincare meets culture-blending bubble tea in our third episode of Lost In founderland. We’re joined by Karen Lee Thompson from Wo Beauty and Nick from Biju – two very different founders on very different journeys, but with a common problem: navigating a fledgling business through a global pandemic.

Karen Lee-Thompson, Wo
We’re also joined by Karen Lee-Thompson. Having spent over 20 years working in skincare and innovation, she is the founder of Wo Beauty – a personalised skincare brand on a mission to help people better understand their own skin.
Nick Phan, Biju
Nick Phan is the founder of Biju – a London-based bubble tea brand. After arriving from Singapore, he decided the UK deserved better bubble tea and hasn’t looked back since.