Episode four
Chris + Roger: Facing Down Failure and the Power of Perseverance

Roger Philby and Chris Hobson are two entpreneurial veterans who've learned a thing or two about failure. In this episode we discuss how to face the prospect of having to start all over again, why company culture is so hard to create, and why hiring from corporates can be a tricky business.

Chris Hobson, Rare Beauty
"We’re also joined by Chris Hobson - president and CEO of Rare Beauty brands - a multi-brand platform that acquires, incubates and scales independent beauty businesses. Chris created his first brand in his dorm room at University, and after an MBA at Harvard, he built and sold several consumer and technology startups. In 2014 he founded the Patchology brand of targeted skincare which now forms the foundation of Rare Beauty Brands. "
Roger Philby, Chemistry group
Roger Philby is the founder of The Chemistry Group, and has spent the past 25 years dedicated to the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to be brilliant at work. He’s created innovative and award-winning approaches to how some of the world’s largest companies develop their workforces, including the NHS, CoOp and O2.